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From The Grocery: Canned Tuna

Recently bought a couple of cans of Tuna after trying it from a promoter at Fairprice. These were the 4 pieces I thought were nicest after trying a few instore.

John West Oven-Dried Capsicum and Chilli Tuna Tempters 95g $1.75
I LOVED THIS! Easily finished the can and was craving like mad for more!

Some tomato basil flavour
Decent but i prefer the above one.

John West Tuna & Beans – Roasted Capsicum & Three Beans
Very filling. One can was easily a full meal for me. Taste was pretty nice. Capsicum not as strong as the non-bean version. The bean version tasted “healthier” and more “whole” if you know what I mean.



Beauty Review: Eyelash Extensions @ The Prestige

Would not recommend purchasing this groupon unless you want to do cluster lashes.

Paid $40 on site to upgrade to the single strand korean mink lashes. By the time I added the onsite top up to the Groupon priceup, it was pretty much similar to the onsite trial price, so I wouldn’t bother going with the groupon again and be bogged down by all the restrictions.

I purchased the version with a touch up, however please note the fine print which states that touch up has to be done within 2 weeks of the first appointment. Honestly this time frame is quite ridiculously as lashes are not supposed to drop within the span of 2 weeks so the touch up is quite pointless. Had i been more aware of atypical eyelash extension procedures I definitely wouldnt have purchased it. The management was also extremely stringent on the duration, strictly (and rather rudely) warning me me that if I didn’t utilise the touchup within 2 weeks it would have been forfeited.

Anyway, on to the actual service. I would say it was decent. Place was relatively clean enough. Initial lashes turned out decent. However when I suggested that one side was slightly inbalanced, instead of taking a look at my concerns the therapist just ignored it and told me i was wrong. Didn’t really like the attitude shown. I’ll wait and see how the lashes fare over the next few weeks before making any conclusions.

Another thing what I was really unhappy about – when I called to make my appointment, I specially informed them that I had to remove lashes from another salon and requested the charges. I was informed that it ranged between $5-$30, depending on how many lahses were left. As i had barely any lashes left I presumed mine would be $5-$10 at the most. However, when I turned up at the salon, I was informed that $18 was their lowest removal fee. No choice, i just agreed to the $18 removal.

However, what bugged me was that halfway through my treatment, I overheard them telling another customer that removal started from $10. When i questioned my therapist why i was informed the lowest was $18, she replied that my lashes that were left were more than the $10 range. Uhhh… this is different from what they previously shared with me? I understand that the “number” of lashes left is subjective, but honestly, the multiple answers from different parties is something I really dislike. Reminds me of those seedy massage salons just out to make a quick buck and willing to bend the price as necessary depending on who they think will pay a certain amount. Where is the transparency ???

Urghh. Not very pleased with this and its extremely unlikely that I’ll be back as a paying customer, considering the attitude, lack of flexibility and prices.

Oh wells, on to the next eyelash salon. Still looking for a good place to purchase a long term package. Thinking of trying KJ studio / lushlashh / flutters next!

Note To Self: Re Buying a property in Singapore

Recently bought a condo with my husband and upon final payment we discovered that the condo maintenance fee was about 15% higher than what the seller agent told us it was.

In all honesty, the actual figure is not that much more, but its really the principal of the whole thing that bugs me. Either the seller/seller agent giving a misleading figure to encourage buyers to purchase their property.

Anyway our first property bought and lesson learnt for the future. I know it sounds like common sense but just a timely reminder to double check everything the seller agent claims and get it in writing!

Needless to say, I wont be recommending that ERA agent to any of my friends.

Food Review: Japanese Snacks


Shiroi Koibito Bai Se Lian Ren Biscuit
Love this. I can eat a whole box in one go. My favourite is the white chocolate.

Potato Farm Chips
Love this. But it’s quite similar to the local calbee ones.

Not Keen:

Tokyo Banana
For some reason, I seem to be the only person who isn’t a fan of this. I don’t see what’s so appealing about the creamy banana taste. haha.

Pablo Sabrel Cheese Biscuit
Ok, but not amazing. Probably wouldn’t buy it myself.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Biscuit
Didn’t really like this one for some reason.

Calbee Honey Butter Chips
Again, didn’t really like this one for some reason.


Dining: Cheap & Quick

Places I’d return to:

  1. Springleaf Prata Place (57 Jalan Tua Kong)
    • Unami 50 Prata $8 (Didn’t like the Prata bomb here at all, too doughy. And Teh Cino was too weak)
  2. Old Long House Popiah (22 Lor 7 Toa Payoh)
  3. Kallang Way 1, Block 155 Canteen
    1. Thai Kitchen BBQ Steam Boat
      • Tom Yum Soup (Creamy) – OMG, too die for
      • Pad Thai – colleagues loved this, although i found it had a funny taste
    2. Noodle Store
      1. Ipoh Hor Fun – This was really good
  4. Joo Seng Food Place (Blk 1 Upper Aljunied Road #01-02)
    1. 136 Hong Kong St Fish Head Steamboat zi char stall
      • Claypot Mee Tai Mak – really good
      • Apparently the fried tofu here is really good, try salted egg sotong
      • Try Black KL noodles & beef brisket horfun here
    2. Popiah

Dining Review: Super Loco @ Robertson

Was in the area so popped by for a late dinner as my friend said it was her favourite brunch place; healthy yummy dishes. I also remembered having a really good experience at their parent restaurant Lucha Loco at Duxton so figured this would be on par with that. However was sadly disappointed.

Have become much more discerning with how I spend my money on food of late as the wedding draws nearer and the wedding and housing bills start to pile up.

We ordered a non-alcoholic drink each and a mini platter consisting of 5 fixed dishes of their supposed signature dishes, and paid about $110 for 2 pax (so roughly $55 each).

Not worth it if you ask me. The drinks we ordered was a mint mocktail and a watermelon mocktail. Both were decent but nothing to shout about.

Picked the platter as I was under the impression that it was $35++ for 2 pax which i thought was really worth it. But it ended up being $35++ per person.

The first dish was basically just corn chips and a salsa dip. We also added  a side of guacamole. Honestly this was my favourite dish of all. LOL.

Next, the famous cheesy spice corn. I’ve tried this from Lucha Loca and found it the same as it was there, decent but again it didnt hit the spot for me (although it has all the components of the things i like cheese, corn), not sure why.

For me, the rest of the 3 dishes went downhill from there. Some pork taco thing, pork was average abit dry. The next dish was some fish thing which i barely took a bite of.The last one was lamb quesadillas. I dont eat lamb so didnt try a bite.

Guess it might have been our fault for not clarifying the dishes properly.

Oh wells. Another one striked off the list.

Verdict: Not returning



10 Things I wish I Knew Before Planning A Wedding

This made me feel so much better, so thought I’d share this with you guys.


Repost from

Ten things I wish I knew before planning a wedding

by JAIME on AUGUST 1, 2012

Yesterday, I think I hit a wall when it comes to the wedding. There are so many things that are great about this experience, but I’m going to be perfectly honest: planning a wedding kind of sucks. Add in the fact that I’m trying to pay my bills, have a great relationship with my fiance, keep up with a regular workout schedule and maybe shower once or twice a month and I’m left feeling drained emotionally, physically and bridally. (I know that last one isn’t actually a word. Don’t worry.)

So in the spur of the moment, I asked a question on the Facebook page. I just wanted to know if I was the only one who felt like this whole wedding thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… and a bunch of comments later, I found out something that I had never known: we are all scared and confused about what to do for our wedding. ALL OF US.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my fears, excitements and frustration about this whole process because if I thought that I was alone, maybe you do, too. But I promise that you’re not.

1. Everyone wants to talk about the wedding. Friends, family and total strangers all want to know what your color scheme is. And how dress shopping is going. All of a sudden, everyone cares about this one thing and forgets about everything else going on in your life. Don’t take it personally and don’t get offended. And if you really don’t want to talk about it, don’t. There’s no law that says your wedding has to be public domain, and you have a right to your privacy if that’s what’s right for you.
Too right. 

2. No one asks about your marriage plans. I think people just get caught up in the glamour of a wedding day, and it distracts them from the big picture: you have a wedding BECAUSE you’re getting married, not the other way around. And why is it that so many people think it’s weird to want to go to premarital counseling? I didn’t learn how to tie my shoes without being taught (and then practicing a LOT!), and I feel like marriage is a bit more important. Shouldn’t it at least get the same courtesy as my shoelaces?

3. There are times where you will seriously consider an elopement. This was pretty much the basis of my Facebook post, and before the engagement and wedding planning, I always thought that brides were just exaggerating. They’re not. The pressure of that wedding day is starting to feel more and more like a reality show, complete with makeup artists and hairstylists creating a “better you” and cameras follow like paparazzi. My big fear is that I’m totally going to get stage fright when I’m up there. It’s going to be so sad if I miss the moment because I’m too concerned that I look like an idiot.
YES to the elopement for sure

4. The groom isn’t expected to care about the wedding. I feel like every woman I know has told me how lucky I am that Cam is ambivalent, which I resent a little. Isn’t it his day, too? I mean, I’m not marrying myself up there. He’s kind of involved. Oh, and what if I spend all this time planning and he ends up totally bored/unhappy? It doesn’t seem like he’s all that excited himself. This double standard never really gets easier (and to the brides who have a groom that’s into planning, I have only one thing to say: you are SO lucky) and you’re just going to have to get used to it.
Urgh, tell me about it. 

5. You will feel like your wedding isn’t your wedding. The plus side of this is that you have a lot of eyes and ears on the to-do list. But those eyes and ears usually come paired up with a mouth and opinions. While it’s great to have input from other areas, it can be a bit overwhelming. You’re going to find yourself thinking things like, “Why does everyone care about what I’m wearing? Am I seriously going to disappoint people because I didn’t wear a traditional dress?” Make sure to stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to ask people to step back.

6. You can DIY your way into a wedding that fits your wallet and wants. It is possible to have an affordable wedding, no matter how much people say it can’t be done. Did you know that the average wedding now costs over $27,000? I’m not sure about you, but if I had an extra $27,000 just lying around, I would probably use it as a down payment on a house. I know that I haven’t spent much time talking about our wedding, but one of the most stressful parts of planning is setting – and sticking to – a budget, and we’re spending less than half the average on ours.

7. The average bride spends 200 hours planning her wedding. And it’s okay if you don’t. I found an article on Yahoo where it said that planning a wedding should, according to wedding consultants, take approximately 200 hours. I can’t begin to imagine the event that will come out of that time, but if I had my way, instead of spending 200 hours planning for a single day, I’d rather take some of that time (how about 25%, okay?) and plan for each and every day that comes after.
Hehe, wish I’d tracked my hours. 

8. People come out of the woodwork to give you unsolicited advice. You should ignore most of it. No one means to be a jerk to you, and they don’t mean to undermine your decisions, but it happens. A lot. When someone offers you advice, listen and politely thank them – whether they’re right or wrong isn’t the question. It’s whether things are right or wrong for you and your wedding.

9. It’s normal to worry that everything is just going to suck, and it’ll all be your fault.  So many aspects of your wedding will  feels like this really private, personal and intimate moment. Except you’re surrounded by 150 friends and family. It’s like they’re all watching you at this vulnerable moment, a moment that’s supposed to be all about this new union but instead is more like circus sideshow. Remember why you’re doing all this work (and who you’re ending up with after it all calms down), take a deep breath and let it go. I have written this before, but it can never be said too many times: things are going to go wrong, and you need to just take it all in stride.

10. There are always people who are willing to help, just because they love you.Weddings make people crazy, but there will be someone there to keep you from going off your rocker. For me, that person is my stepmother. She has so many great ideas and has been more supportive through this than my own fiance, and there is no way that I can fully express how grateful I am to have her on my side for this crazy experience.
My dad, I am so grateful for you and I love you so unbelievably much.

What are some things you wish you knew before you started planning your wedding?


Taste Test: Instant Milk Teas

Lipton Teh Tarik
Decent, abit “florally” and westernised (esp when drunk side by side with the Old Town version), more

Old Town 3-in-1 White Milk Tea $6.80
Favourite of  the lot so far. Unanimously liked amongst all the drinkers with me. Abit sweet, but has the Gong Cha milky taste which i LOVE.

Owl Teh Tarik Instant Foamy Tea (20 x 17g) $3.95-$3.55
Decent taste, but as sachet is much smaller than the rest the taste is comparatively weaker. Might try with 2 sachets instead.

Gold Kili Instant 3-in-1 Milk Tea (30 x 18g) $4.85
Colleagues didn’t like this?



Hair Review: Le Parlor Hair Boutique in Tiong Bahru

Bottom Line: NOT RETURNING. 0/10.

Bought a groupon for korean wave perm + loreal hair spa + cut. I saw a few reviews online and it seemed decent so I decided to give it a shot. Urgh, worst mistake ever.

Called them up to ask if I could schedule an appointment in the afternoon and was told the only free slot today was at 1.30pm. So I decided to take it. (WHY did i do that?!!) When I arrived, the salon was completely empty, and also remained completely empty throughout the 2-3 hours that I was there. It’s pretty much a “home” salon run by the hairdresser (man) and his assistant/receptionist (woman) ->who couldnt seem to speak any language? She basically just grunted to me throughout the couple of hours. Although she did offer me water when i arrived and handed me some magazines.

My haircut took about 5 mins with the man snipping of my ends while barely looking. I think it was the most nervous I’d ever been, while having a haircut. I was so worried that it would turn out a disaster. I guess the actual hair cut turned out “okay”, it was shorter than I would like and there was absolutely nothing done to the shape but at least it didn’t turn out horrendous?

The woman went to wash my hair after that. Urgh, water was cold, no massage whatsoever, shampoo smelt nice but not sure if they even used conditioner. As the woman wrapped my hair in a tiny dirty towel after that, it dropped almost immediately after I stood up and water started trailing down the top of my dress.

At this point, the man then asked if I wanted to top up to do a proper digital perm as he said this would end up having a result that was nicer and softer. Apparently what was included in the groupon was just a “lotion curl”. I’ve never done any perm whatsoever before so had no clue what the difference was. But as I was feeling so nervous at this stage I opted just for the regular version that was included in the groupon. Honestly I was so tempted to just forgo everything else and leave at that juncture (And now I really wish I had, sigh). The man asked if I wanted to top up for a treatment as my ends were dry and I declined that.

The woman then proceeded to wrap my hair in some sort of wax paper looking thing and a curl holder. She did about 8 of those I think. Then used a really strong smelling liquid to spray my hair/wrapped curls. Ended just sitting like this for about an hour. After an hour they came to check on the curls and unwrapped one but I suppose there was no result so the man told her to leave it on for longer. After about another 20 mins or so she finally took it off and took me to wash my hair. After that she sprayed another liquid on my hair left it on for about 20 mins and then went to wash off again followed by the supposed spa treatment which essentially amounted to leaving some sort of cram/serum in my hair for 15 mins while I lay on the washing chair.

After that was over, I watched in trepidation as the curl holders came off and they started blow drying my hair. No brushes or anything used, just their hands with no technique whatsoever, akin to the way I blow dry my hair at home. Lol.

Well, the end result was that honestly there was barely any curl. I even left the salon with slightly damp hair (I suspect because if they had blown it dry there wouldn’t be any curl at all). By the time I reached home my curls had pretty much gone and left frizzy ugly hair in its place. I frantically jumped in the shower to in the hopes of removing whatever chemical was used and dumped a handful of anti-frizzing serum to my hair before using my straighter to straighten it. Seemed slightly better after that so fingers crossed that there’s no permanent damage.

I’ll update with some pictures when i have time to load them.

Anyway, apart from all that. What instigated me to jump on my computer and hurriedly dash out this post is because I realized that money MAY have been taken from my wallet at the salon. Please note that I wrote, MAY. I am not sure of this, because I do not remember exactly how much i brought into the place, but I thought I had about $450-$500 in my wallet. And when I checked when i got home I only had about $300 left. URGHH. I suppose it was my own carelessness as well. Left my bag on the chair next to mine while I went to get my hair washed. My bag is the small tote kind where there is no zip unfortunately and my wallet can be easily seen. Urgh, I kept having a sick feeling about this while I was lying on the chair but didnt know how to ask without being rude. Stupid stupid me. Hopefully this is not true and I really just had less money in my wallet to begin with.

Tried to call them when I got home and realized this, but nobody picked up the phone. Oh wells, what would I have said anyway – “Did anyone take money from my wallet?” Uhh, i dont think someone who would have taken money would say that they did so its a fruitless question.

I feel so drained that I dont even know what to do about this. Whats the point of calling them to confront / argue with them when firstly I have no proof whatsoever nor am I even sure that anything was taken as I could have been mistaken about the money. (I really really hope so, its a sick feeling thinking that someone has stolen from you). Anyway, just going to take this as a lesson learnt to be more careful next time. 😦 But I really hope this helps anyone looking for reviews on Le Parlor (bought via Singapore groupon).





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