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Dining: Cheap & Quick

Places I’d return to:

  1. Springleaf Prata Place (57 Jalan Tua Kong)
    • Unami 50 Prata $8 (Didn’t like the Prata bomb here at all, too doughy. And Teh Cino was too weak)
  2. Old Long House Popiah (22 Lor 7 Toa Payoh)
  3. Kallang Way 1, Block 155 Canteen
    1. Thai Kitchen BBQ Steam Boat
      • Tom Yum Soup (Creamy) – OMG, too die for
      • Pad Thai – colleagues loved this, although i found it had a funny taste
    2. Noodle Store
      1. Ipoh Hor Fun – This was really good
  4. Joo Seng Food Place (Blk 1 Upper Aljunied Road #01-02)
    1. 136 Hong Kong St Fish Head Steamboat zi char stall
      • Claypot Mee Tai Mak – really good
      • Apparently the fried tofu here is really good, try salted egg sotong
      • Try Black KL noodles & beef brisket horfun here
    2. Popiah

Dining Review: Super Loco @ Robertson

Was in the area so popped by for a late dinner as my friend said it was her favourite brunch place; healthy yummy dishes. I also remembered having a really good experience at their parent restaurant Lucha Loco at Duxton so figured this would be on par with that. However was sadly disappointed.

Have become much more discerning with how I spend my money on food of late as the wedding draws nearer and the wedding and housing bills start to pile up.

We ordered a non-alcoholic drink each and a mini platter consisting of 5 fixed dishes of their supposed signature dishes, and paid about $110 for 2 pax (so roughly $55 each).

Not worth it if you ask me. The drinks we ordered was a mint mocktail and a watermelon mocktail. Both were decent but nothing to shout about.

Picked the platter as I was under the impression that it was $35++ for 2 pax which i thought was really worth it. But it ended up being $35++ per person.

The first dish was basically just corn chips and a salsa dip. We also added  a side of guacamole. Honestly this was my favourite dish of all. LOL.

Next, the famous cheesy spice corn. I’ve tried this from Lucha Loca and found it the same as it was there, decent but again it didnt hit the spot for me (although it has all the components of the things i like cheese, corn), not sure why.

For me, the rest of the 3 dishes went downhill from there. Some pork taco thing, pork was average abit dry. The next dish was some fish thing which i barely took a bite of.The last one was lamb quesadillas. I dont eat lamb so didnt try a bite.

Guess it might have been our fault for not clarifying the dishes properly.

Oh wells. Another one striked off the list.

Verdict: Not returning



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