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November 2015

Review: 1.5 hr Full Body Massage @ Spa Rael, Goodwood Park Hotel

Overview: Average-Decent massage in a pretty nice premium-ish environment.

My Experience:
Went for this on Monday evening with my boyfriend. We had to fill up a form upon arrival for medical reasons and also to state our massage preferences. We chose to do the massage for the full 1.5hrs instead of splitting an hour massage and 30 min body scrub. I opted for a medium pressure massage focusing on the lower back, and my boyfriend a strong pressure massage focusing on the legs.

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Review: Premium Gold Face Therapy @ FIL Chinese Swimming Club

Overview: One of the better facials I’ve had. Very nice environment. Knowledgeable therapists. Little hard-selling. Saw an improvement in my skin. Will recommend.

My Experience: I went for this facial about a month and a half ago and just started writing my thoughts down so I can’t remember exactly what went on but will write what i do remember. First thing that i was made to do was fill in a pretty detailed form with my skin concerns and a therapist set down to talk through my concerns and issues. I was led to the room and began cleansing to remove my makeup. Therapist subsequently began extractions to remove my whiteheads/blackheads/clogged pores. Some vibration / ultra sonic thing was used to help and also something about putting in the serum. Masks applied.

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Review: Fractional Laser & Cryo Hydro Freeze Facial @ Bio Aesthetic

Overview: Not ever returning.

My Experience: Facial started off with a cleanser to remove my makeup. This was followed by the fractional laser and cryo hydro freeze treatment. After that a hydrating mask was applied on my face, and left for about 10-15 mins before being wiped off.

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