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Beauty Review: Eyelash Extensions @ The Prestige

Would not recommend purchasing this groupon unless you want to do cluster lashes.

Paid $40 on site to upgrade to the single strand korean mink lashes. By the time I added the onsite top up to the Groupon priceup, it was pretty much similar to the onsite trial price, so I wouldn’t bother going with the groupon again and be bogged down by all the restrictions.

I purchased the version with a touch up, however please note the fine print which states that touch up has to be done within 2 weeks of the first appointment. Honestly this time frame is quite ridiculously as lashes are not supposed to drop within the span of 2 weeks so the touch up is quite pointless. Had i been more aware of atypical eyelash extension procedures I definitely wouldnt have purchased it. The management was also extremely stringent on the duration, strictly (and rather rudely) warning me me that if I didn’t utilise the touchup within 2 weeks it would have been forfeited.

Anyway, on to the actual service. I would say it was decent. Place was relatively clean enough. Initial lashes turned out decent. However when I suggested that one side was slightly inbalanced, instead of taking a look at my concerns the therapist just ignored it and told me i was wrong. Didn’t really like the attitude shown. I’ll wait and see how the lashes fare over the next few weeks before making any conclusions.

Another thing what I was really unhappy about – when I called to make my appointment, I specially informed them that I had to remove lashes from another salon and requested the charges. I was informed that it ranged between $5-$30, depending on how many lahses were left. As i had barely any lashes left I presumed mine would be $5-$10 at the most. However, when I turned up at the salon, I was informed that $18 was their lowest removal fee. No choice, i just agreed to the $18 removal.

However, what bugged me was that halfway through my treatment, I overheard them telling another customer that removal started from $10. When i questioned my therapist why i was informed the lowest was $18, she replied that my lashes that were left were more than the $10 range. Uhhh… this is different from what they previously shared with me? I understand that the “number” of lashes left is subjective, but honestly, the multiple answers from different parties is something I really dislike. Reminds me of those seedy massage salons just out to make a quick buck and willing to bend the price as necessary depending on who they think will pay a certain amount. Where is the transparency ???

Urghh. Not very pleased with this and its extremely unlikely that I’ll be back as a paying customer, considering the attitude, lack of flexibility and prices.

Oh wells, on to the next eyelash salon. Still looking for a good place to purchase a long term package. Thinking of trying KJ studio / lushlashh / flutters next!


Note To Self: Re Buying a property in Singapore

Recently bought a condo with my husband and upon final payment we discovered that the condo maintenance fee was about 15% higher than what the seller agent told us it was.

In all honesty, the actual figure is not that much more, but its really the principal of the whole thing that bugs me. Either the seller/seller agent giving a misleading figure to encourage buyers to purchase their property.

Anyway our first property bought and lesson learnt for the future. I know it sounds like common sense but just a timely reminder to double check everything the seller agent claims and get it in writing!

Needless to say, I wont be recommending that ERA agent to any of my friends.

Review: 1.5 hr Full Body Massage @ Spa Rael, Goodwood Park Hotel

Overview: Average-Decent massage in a pretty nice premium-ish environment.

My Experience:
Went for this on Monday evening with my boyfriend. We had to fill up a form upon arrival for medical reasons and also to state our massage preferences. We chose to do the massage for the full 1.5hrs instead of splitting an hour massage and 30 min body scrub. I opted for a medium pressure massage focusing on the lower back, and my boyfriend a strong pressure massage focusing on the legs.

The Good: Continue reading “Review: 1.5 hr Full Body Massage @ Spa Rael, Goodwood Park Hotel”

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