Overview: Not ever returning.

My Experience: Facial started off with a cleanser to remove my makeup. This was followed by the fractional laser and cryo hydro freeze treatment. After that a hydrating mask was applied on my face, and left for about 10-15 mins before being wiped off.

The Good:

  • It was pretty easy to make an appointment. They sent a followup email and let me move my appointment back by half an hour when i got held up at the last minute.
  • Location was in plaza singapura, so it was pretty central.
  • Treatment room was decently clean, although nothing special and i expected it to be much nicer from the shop front exterior.
  • Technically i did receive the fractional laser & cryo treatment stated.
  • I was asked if i wanted to apply sunblock on my face after the treatment (which i believe is an essential basic step that any decent place should offer)
  • Little hard-selling of packages after.

The Bad:

  • Upon starting my treatment I enquired when the followup session would be and was informed that we would be doing both today in a one hour session. I was pretty surprised and questioned how come it was so different from what was stated on the voucher and was told that “it was more effective this way”. Actual treatment ended up being about 40-50 mins at the most!
  • Didn’t see any effect from the fractional laser whatsoever
  • Cryo Hydro freeze essentially amounted to what felt like a cube of ice being placed on my skin after each laser shot
  • ZERO difference in my skin before/after the facial.

Would I Re-Purchase this? DEFINITELY NOT! I wouldn’t be as adamant if this was a regular $20-30 groupon facial. But at almost 2-3x the price of the average facial on groupon, this was a complete waste of money.

Value For Money? 1/10

*Update: 2 days after the facial I realised that certain parts of my face felt slightly rough and bumpy/scaly. Not sure exactly what the issue was but when using my fingers to clean my face or put on moisturisers i can feel that the skin does not feel as smooth as before. Upon looking closer, it seems as if my pores are enlarged and also clogged. Was abit worried that something would happen to my skin in the same vein as the horror case from bunbunmakeuptips and so i anxiously monitored my skin in the mirror for any change every half an hour and diligently used exfoliators and my calming moisturisers. Luckily, my skin went back to normal after a week or so with no other issues. I cannot say for certain that this was caused by the facial but suffice to say, I will definitely not be returning.

Amount Paid: $68 SGD | Supposed Retail Value: $1800 SGD

Stated Treatment (on groupon voucher):

  • 90-min fractional laser facial
    • The fractional laser and soft laser treatment deliver pulses of laser energy that penetrate deep into tissue without overheating or damaging the surrounding skin layers. A micro-ablative pulse pinpoints target spots on the epidermis, followed by a pulse that penetrates into and heats the skin’s tissue, while a last pulse penetrates deep into the mid-dermis. This fractional process promotes a faster and more effective healing process. Scabs may form on the skin surface, which falls off after a few days to reveal improved overall skin tone and texture. In the dermal layer, collagen production is stimulated along with other dermal components to sustain healthier-looking skin. This treatment is effective for combating the signs of ageing, reducing the appearance of scars and enlarged pores, and treating uneven skin tone. Fractional laser facial promotes faster and more effective healing of damaged skin cells; improves the appearance of scars, reduces fine lines, and evens out skin tone.
  • 90-min Cryo Hydro Freeze facial (to be done within 10 days from fractional laser facial)
    • The Cryo Hydro Freeze facial is a follow-up facial that is done within 10 days from the fractional laser therapy. A mix of nutrients, oxygen, and hydrating compounds are introduced to skin to further enhance the effects of the laser treatment. Cryo Hydro Freeze facial reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, enlarges pores, and acne.