Would not recommend purchasing this groupon unless you want to do cluster lashes.

Paid $40 on site to upgrade to the single strand korean mink lashes. By the time I added the onsite top up to the Groupon priceup, it was pretty much similar to the onsite trial price, so I wouldn’t bother going with the groupon again and be bogged down by all the restrictions.

I purchased the version with a touch up, however please note the fine print which states that touch up has to be done within 2 weeks of the first appointment. Honestly this time frame is quite ridiculously as lashes are not supposed to drop within the span of 2 weeks so the touch up is quite pointless. Had i been more aware of atypical eyelash extension procedures I definitely wouldnt have purchased it. The management was also extremely stringent on the duration, strictly (and rather rudely) warning me me that if I didn’t utilise the touchup within 2 weeks it would have been forfeited.

Anyway, on to the actual service. I would say it was decent. Place was relatively clean enough. Initial lashes turned out decent. However when I suggested that one side was slightly inbalanced, instead of taking a look at my concerns the therapist just ignored it and told me i was wrong. Didn’t really like the attitude shown. I’ll wait and see how the lashes fare over the next few weeks before making any conclusions.

Another thing what I was really unhappy about – when I called to make my appointment, I specially informed them that I had to remove lashes from another salon and requested the charges. I was informed that it ranged between $5-$30, depending on how many lahses were left. As i had barely any lashes left I presumed mine would be $5-$10 at the most. However, when I turned up at the salon, I was informed that $18 was their lowest removal fee. No choice, i just agreed to the $18 removal.

However, what bugged me was that halfway through my treatment, I overheard them telling another customer that removal started from $10. When i questioned my therapist why i was informed the lowest was $18, she replied that my lashes that were left were more than the $10 range. Uhhh… this is different from what they previously shared with me? I understand that the “number” of lashes left is subjective, but honestly, the multiple answers from different parties is something I really dislike. Reminds me of those seedy massage salons just out to make a quick buck and willing to bend the price as necessary depending on who they think will pay a certain amount. Where is the transparency ???

Urghh. Not very pleased with this and its extremely unlikely that I’ll be back as a paying customer, considering the attitude, lack of flexibility and prices.

Oh wells, on to the next eyelash salon. Still looking for a good place to purchase a long term package. Thinking of trying KJ studio / lushlashh / flutters next!