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Beauty Review: Facial/Massage/IPL/Laser Snippets

I’ve been so busy (and lazy) over the past few months that I haven’t had time to do a proper review for all the facials/massages/treatments I’ve been going to.

So just penning some quick thoughts down before I completely forget everything.

  1. New York Skin Solutions @ Novena Square [Facial]
    • Got this free when I signed up for something online. I walked past this chain many times before but never thought much of it because I was always under the impression it was for those with really dire skin conditions that need special treatments. Wasn’t expecting much but a basic facial when I went. But this was actually one of the better facial experiences I’ve had so far. I would give it an 9/10.
    • Facial was basic, no fancy treatments (although thats actually what a facial is for, dermatologist treatments such as lasers etc arent technically part of facials). Although they did use some vibrating thing for deeper penetration (something like that, sorry its been a few months I forgot what it was exactly)
    • However, the whole process was really calming and professional and my skin felt super good -extremely well cleansed and hydrated after! Went out feeling like I was “glowing”.
    • Hard-selling was minimal as well, for a free treatment no less!
    • Shop was clean, not luxurious but had a premium-ish clinical feel which I like.
    • Would DEFINITELY come back here again, if they have some affordable a-la-carte options.
    • Recommend!
  2. Le Spa @ Mohammad Sultan Road [Body Massage]
    • Chanced upon this new outlet/branch while I was out bridal gown shopping. Was really exhausted so just decided to give it a try. I paid $60sgd nett for a full body oil massage .
    • OMG! One of the best massages I had in a long while, and i’m pretty picky about good massages. My therapist hit all the right spots, massage was extremely satisfying and i came out recharged and refreshed (without being achy, which alot of massages often end up being)
    • My therapist was Sammi. (My friend had Cindy who was pretty good too)
    • Shop might look abit dodge from the outside as its pretty dark but its fine on the inside. Floor a little oily, but overall feel was rather relaxing.
    • 9.5/10. Will DEFINITELY return. Definitely going to be one of my go-to massage places for relatively affordable massages at any time of the day (they’re pretty much open 24/7), when I’m willing to pay above groupon prices, or need a massage b.a.d. haha.
  3. Skin Labo @ Goldhill Plaza [Groupon full leg IPL]
    • Bought a groupon for 12 sessions of full leg ipl + 12 masks + 3 facials. Can’t remember how much I paid exactly but it was definitely pretty cheap. Chose this cuz its very near to my house.
    • As this was a chain, I had hopes that standards would be decently, unfortunately my first visit left me sorely wanting. Went through the mandatory hard sell of upgrade packages which i refused. IPL treatments for legs were pretty pathetic –  I think they used like 30 shots for my entire leg (yes, I was counting). Something ridiculous like that. When questioned, the therapist mumbled something about their laser being strong and effectiveness nothing to do with number of shots, yada yada. Needless to say i was not impressed.
    • Shop itself was decent. Nothing plush, but clean and bright. Not like those “house-type”.
    • Will update as the treatments progress but for now, 5/10.
  4. Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa @ Bishan [Groupon facial/massage]
    • Bought a groupon for the 3hr spa indulgence (consisting of a 1 hr facial, 1 hr full body massage, 30 min eye treatment, 30min back detox mask) for $48 (i think)(how could i not try this out at this price!).
    • Experience was decent I would say, treatments was ok but nothing to scream about? Also, it was more like 2 hours, because the back mask was pretty much combined with the massage, and likewise the eye treatment with the facial. But hey, for $48 bucks, I would say its pretty worth it.
    • Shop was clean, had a cute-sey korean/jap feel for those who like that sorta thing.
    • Will I return? If its free, why not? Would I buy another groupon? Probably not, since there’s so many others to try. Would definitely recommend this for those looking for a value for money decent facial/massage package though! 6.5/10
  5. Amarin Spa @ Marina Mandarin [Body Massage]
    • Bought a groupon for a 60 min swedish massage for about $39 each for the fiance and I.
    • Atmosphere/setting was nice as per a hotel spa, and they upgraded us to a couple room for free, which was a nice touch.
    • Massage was pretty decent, mine was rather good, while B said his was alright.
    • Would go return at this price but not for anything more, since there are SO many massage options out there, and massage is pretty subjective based on the masseuse you get and your personal preference anyway. 7/10.
  6. Simply Aesthetics @ Capitol Piazza [Facial]
    • Bought a groupon for the oxy jet peel facial & aqua peel for $18.
    • Easily one of the better facial experiences I had, especially at this price.
    • Shop was extremely new, modern, clean, plush and premium. Everything I like.
    • They served tea while waiting for your treatments along their bar counter.
    • Was made to wait for quite a while before my treatment started but i had arrived about 5 mins late anyway and I wasn’t really in a rush so it didn’t bother me.
    • Facial was very simple, just cleanse and moisturise although they used various machines to aid this (ie. the oxygen jet + aqua peel), which I’m always a sucker for. Products smelt nice. therapist was knowledgeable and friendly.
    • Left feeling like a million bucks with my skin clean, hydrated and glowing.
    • Will definitely return, 9.5/10. My only regret? Not purchasing the 3 sessions option for $48 as this can only be purchased by first time customers.
    • Will definitely be buying the groupon for my brother and fiance.

Review: Premium Gold Face Therapy @ FIL Chinese Swimming Club

Overview: One of the better facials I’ve had. Very nice environment. Knowledgeable therapists. Little hard-selling. Saw an improvement in my skin. Will recommend.

My Experience: I went for this facial about a month and a half ago and just started writing my thoughts down so I can’t remember exactly what went on but will write what i do remember. First thing that i was made to do was fill in a pretty detailed form with my skin concerns and a therapist set down to talk through my concerns and issues. I was led to the room and began cleansing to remove my makeup. Therapist subsequently began extractions to remove my whiteheads/blackheads/clogged pores. Some vibration / ultra sonic thing was used to help and also something about putting in the serum. Masks applied.

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Review: Fractional Laser & Cryo Hydro Freeze Facial @ Bio Aesthetic

Overview: Not ever returning.

My Experience: Facial started off with a cleanser to remove my makeup. This was followed by the fractional laser and cryo hydro freeze treatment. After that a hydrating mask was applied on my face, and left for about 10-15 mins before being wiped off.

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