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Food Review: Yoghurt

Meiji Low Fat Yoghurt
(Favourite-Least Favourite Flavours)
Really like these: Strawberry -> Mixed Berry -> Aloe Vera -> Apple
Ok but don’t really like these: Mango -> Mixed Fruit



Food Review: Seeds

Now Foods – Raw, organic, unsalted pumpkin seeds
Chewy,very nice clean taste;”earthy”, “buttery” and almost “sweet”. Really liked this, exactly what I expected and hoped the seeds would taste like.

Now Foods – Roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds
I find this very bitter tasting. Don’t think I like it roasted at all. ¬†Although i’m not sure if that’s what is causing the bitterness? Would never order again. In fact, I don’t even want to eat a single more seed. Urgh.

NuVitality Brazil Nut Kernels
Meh. Don’t like brazil nuts.

Food Reviews: Bairong Oat Saline Biscuits

EWWW. AVOID THIS. I Found a hair baked inside my biscuit!

Saw this in my office pantry and was quite excited to try it. But when I opened the package, I found a hair partially baked into the biscuit and partially sticking out waving at me.


Pics under cut if you want to take a look for yourself.

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