Overview: Average-Decent massage in a pretty nice premium-ish environment.

My Experience:
Went for this on Monday evening with my boyfriend. We had to fill up a form upon arrival for medical reasons and also to state our massage preferences. We chose to do the massage for the full 1.5hrs instead of splitting an hour massage and 30 min body scrub. I opted for a medium pressure massage focusing on the lower back, and my boyfriend a strong pressure massage focusing on the legs.

The Good:

  • Environment was pretty nice, not super premium but definitely premium-ish, more luxurious feeling as compared to the massages at a store.
  • Massage therapists seemed pretty knowledgeable and kept telling me how she was massaging my knots out. Service was professional.
  • We had a couple room with no additional surcharge to be paid.
  • Disposable underwear was given.
  • There was some hard-selling of packages after, but that was fair and expected; overall it was endurable / wasn’t too terrible. They tried hard but didn’t sulk when i politely declined.
  • Nice ginger tea served before and after treatment.
  • Didn’t shortchange on length of massage.

The Bad:

  • Nothing spectacular about the massages. Also i actually started aching for the few days after the massage. Not sure if it was too hard?
  • At around the 1 hour mark i started wondering how long more the massage would take (found this odd as i usually find the standard 1hr massages too short). Does that mean it wasn’t good?

Would I Re-Purchase? Possibly. If you’re purchasing this as a one-off massage experience, for a ‘special’ occasion or  if a nice-ish environment is important for you, I would recommend paying the premium over the standard $20-$30ish groupon massages.

Value For Money? 6.5/10

Amount Paid: $100 SGD for 2 pax | Supposed Retail Value: $710.48 SGD

Stated Treatment (on groupon voucher):

  • Full-body swedish massage with honey body scrub / Full-body aromatic massage with cryo leg relaxer treatment.